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MIDA is a Web3 company working with European Art Institutions.
MIDA brings a new revenue stream to Museums, hardly hit by COVID-19 related restrictions, offering authenticated NFTs in a market saturated by anonymous algorithmic collections.
From a physical masterpiece MIDA only mints 2 NFTs, one kept by the museum and the other commercialized via auction. The digital copies are signed and authenticated by the director of the Museum. In order to preserve the value of the NFT, The Museum sign a contract that no other authenticated NFTs from the same masterpiece will be made so the one placed on the market it’s the only existing in the Metaverse. The majority of the proceeds are remunerated to the institution holding the physical artwork to support them in the economic burden of preserving the Collective Cultural Heritage. The NFT Masterpiece in addition to its collectible value and its use in metaverse exhibitions acts as a key to accessing a “Golden Circle” of great art lovers, new talents and renowned critics, connecting them in a social network for the mutual benefit of the participants. In addition, the NFT Masterpiece can be staked to earn $MIDA, guaranteeing a significant economic return to the holders of these NFTs. This operation will also be carried out with galleries and living artists creating a parallel art market, in which the NFT copy that is sold acts as a membership card for access to the artist's network allowing collectors to have a direct relationship with him, supporting also the artistic research of the artist.
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