Paintings make up only a tiny fraction of the artwork market. Photographs, famous documents and even statues, using 3D design technologies, can be digitized and stored on the Blockchain. With the emergence of metaverse, the possible applications appear limitless.
Pieces such as precious artifacts, ancient weapons and fossils are sold in major auction houses such as MIDA intends to, offering the same range of products to the metaverse collectors.
What the currently existing metaverses and those in the creation phase have in common is the need to provide valuable experiences to their users. That is why MIDA offers NFT artifacts such as historical swords and armor not only for exhibition purposes but also for their active use within these gaming ecosystems. Even monuments can be digitized and implemented on the main metaverses giving the opportunity for people all around the world to experience them and to the metaverses that host them to become a destination for this new meta-tourism.