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Marco Tonon, Cultural Institution Relations Advisor

In his 50-year career, Marco Tonon has been Professor of Museology at the University of Padua and Director of the Museums of Pordenone and Brescia. He was a forerunner of current innovation in his decade-long effort to digitize the cultural heritage as president of AVICOM, the International Committee of Museums for New Light and Sound Technologies. Currently Vice President of the Administrative Board of Mazzotti Foundation.

Fabrizio Renzi, Mentor

Fabrizio Renzi is a technology veteran with 30 years of experience as Director of Technology Research and Innovation for IBM Italy, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2019, he founded the RnBGate group to actively connect research and technological innovation to the world of businesses and Museums.

Shashwat Eternal, Marketing Advisor

Writer, Ex-Founder and ex-Head of Growth for OroPocket, the parent company of OpenDeFi as well as UniFarm. Grown UniFarm from a POC to a platform with over $20 Million in All Time Value locked over 18 Staking Cohorts. He also oversaw 2 successful token launches, $ORO and $UFARM. Helped co-market UniFarm alongside 54+ partners from across the space.

Dylan Dewdney, Business Developer Advisor

Dylan Dewdney is a longtime crypto enthusiast from 2011, and a builder from 2017. He has co-founded or been a key part of several projects over the years, most recently as Project Lead and Founder for both Kylin Network and NFT3. He is one of two general partners at the VC and Incubator, onebit, and has appeared alongside such luminaries as Gavin Wood and Edward Snowden. He also has coined the term DeData. He is a steadfast believer in the ability for Blockchain technology to make the world a better place.

Brian D.Coldwell, NFT Strategy

Brian D.Coldwell is an industry expert, ROI-oriented marketing for niche audiences in crypto, blockchain, defi, privacy tech, fintech and other disruptive technologies.