Communication specialist with complex negotiation and high level portfolio management skills built up in multi-year experience in the Luxury Real Estate sector in Bologna and Venice. In Blockchain since 2018, passionate about DAO’s and crypto-philosophy.

Luca Sciullo, CTO

Phd in Computer Science and Engineering, Expert at European Commission and post-doc research at University of Bologna. Main research topics regard IoT, web technologies and Blockchain. Experience in the startup ecosystem since 2017.

Lorenzo Gigli, Tech Lead

Master Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Several years of experience as a software engineer and software architect for different companies in the context of Web and Blockchain technologies. Focused on the same areas in European and national projects.
Master in Business Management and Finance with experience in Business Development and Strategic Analysis for big players in the F&B sector in Berlin and Turin. In crypto-space since 2019, focused on supply chain traceability through Blockchain.

Federico Tocanne, DeFi Expert

Crypto enthusiast and experienced investor in the Blockchain space since 2017. Early bird in hot trends, has a serious passion for economic models and DeFi platforms. Previous background in Business Management and Master in Finance and Risk Management with working experience on sales, market analysis and logistics.

Andrea Pozzobon, Digital Curator

Business consultant at private Foundations and educational background in Cultural Heritage Conservation. Multi-year experience in museums and at the renowned auction house Sotheby’s in Milan. Estimator of Deep-Tech and interested in their possible new applications in the cultural and museum field.
Full-stack Marketer with previous experience in luxury companies. Visual Brand Artist, Content Creator and SMM for small start-ups. Bilingual Italian and Russian.
Mechanical expert with multiple years of experience with leading companies in television productions and video editing. Photography lover and shooting technologies specialist, since 2019 passionate about NFT and 3D tech.
Educational background in Business Administration and Finance and several years of experience in Credit Management at a major made in Italy brand in the fashion industry. Active as an investor in the Crypto market since 2018 with focus on the opportunities offered by the DeFi sector.

Riccardo Biavati, UX\UI Designer

Master in User Experience Design at and Lead Interaction Designer in a historic boutique consulting firm. Has been working in the world of digital product and service design for almost 10 years. Struck by the revolutionary nature of Blockchain, he’s now focused on innovative applications in society.
Networker with business economic background built up in the organization of events in Milan and in administrative roles within companies in Northern Italy. Active in Blockchain since 2020, with particular focus on social application of NFT’s technology.

Tania Berni, Art Advisor

Specialized in Social Communication and Marketing. Deep experience in the fields of management and strategic development of art and commercial enterprises in Europe and South America. Twenty years of experience in organizing national and international art exhibitions.

Marco Martines, Software Engineer

13 years of experience as engineer. Now, Marco Martines is the F1 Trackside Control Engineer of Ferrari. He manage and ensure the proper functionality and control of F1 Electronic components on track during a race event is his main duty.