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Mission & Vision

MIDA, leveraging this technology, creates a bridge between the traditional art world and the expanding potential of Web 3.0.
To make Web3 accessible and desirable to the next million users, it is necessary to show that this technology is capable of making a strong social impact in the offline world and not just be a status symbol for a new class of affluent consumers.
This is why MIDA collaborates with Museums and Foundations creating digital alter egos of the most important masterpieces in human history, generating new revenue streams for these Institutions.
MIDA's vision aims to the future and the next generations that will shape the way we conceive the artistic experience. Through the Boutique Marketplace, MIDA will be able to offer a global stage to the art pieces of new talents and give life to a new type of relationship between Collectors and Creators, allowing the former to finance their artistic research and their independence.