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Our Impact

Problems and Solutions.


Lack of Funds for Museums and Art Institutions

It is known how COVID-19 and the correlated restrictions hardly hit museums and public art institution. By creating a new revenue stream, MIDA supports those museums on the economic burden of the cultural heritage preservation, attracting at the same time a younger segment more incline to the digital revolution.


Centralized Visibility System for Artists

It is hard for emerging artist to be supported during their artistic research. They have to go trough a centralized visibility system, managed by galleries. In addition to the control of the visibility system, these organizations also hold the customer base of the artists represented by their collectors, effectively forcing the artist into a relationship of dependence. This is why MIDA helps the transition for those artists supporting them through the launch of their collection, creating a new type of direct relationship between the artist and his collectors through the MIDA’s Atelier NFT.


Lack of Meaningful Experiences for Users

There are many metaverses under construction but they all share the same problem: to be populated they need meaningful experiences to be provided to their users. MIDA brings art, the quintessential experience, within this new dimension by creating gamified exhibits with its NFTs capable of attracting users for these worlds.