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Collecting and Exposition

The opportunity to be the only ones to own masterpieces, impossible to possess in the physical world, represents an unprecedented opportunity for collectors from all over the world. The authenticity of the NFT is guaranteed by the signature of the institution’s representative on the digital artwork, including the date and time of the signature. The metaverse reinforces the novelty by providing a new social space of fruition where the most important private collections can be appreciated and valued.

Network and Events

The NFT Masterpiece acts as a key to accessing a “Golden Circle” of great art lovers, NFT experts, new talents and renowned critics, connecting them in a social network for the mutual benefit of the participants. Owning a MIDA’s NFT guarantees access to offline VIP events in exclusive luxury locations where it will be possible to meet and connect with like minded people and key opinion leaders of the NFT and the traditional art world.