Boutique Marketplace

Sneak Peak of MIDA's Boutique Marketplace
The Boutique Marketplace is the main showcase of NFT works created by MIDA.
MIDA's Marketplace does not aspire to be as mass-marketplace as Opensea or Super Rare but to become the benchmark for a new type of "Fine Art Utility NFT", bringing a large segment of buyers who already collect physical art, but have so far stayed away from NFTs because of their reputation and "juvenile facade”, that characterize most of the products offered by this market.
This clarity of purpose is the compass leading the whole design of the platform, the creation of Value, not only economic but also as personal growth, in a holistic way for all the people who will experience and share this digital space. Therefore, MIDA puts the “human experience” at the center of the design, even striving to continuously improve and innovate the existing.
The purchases within the Marketplace are made in $MIDA, $ETH and stablecoins.