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Social Layer

The Social Layer is composed of a feed aggregator, user profiles and their posts. Users can exchange appreciation via social token received from $MIDA stake: Stendhal (SDH). Each post may be subject to SDH allocation up to the amount chosen by the user. The more a post is subject to SDH, the more visible it will be in the aggregate feed. Periodically SDHs are reloaded if the amount of $MIDA in stake is maintained. The use of SDH as a social token allows the public and possible buyers to analyze the Creator’s public in a transparent and immediate way providing data about the number of supporters and average allocation.
Thus, MIDA becomes a decentralized launchpad for emerging artists guaranteeing a global visibility to the creators’ artworks that are difficult to be seen otherwise. Creators with the highest overall SDH statistics are supported and sponsored by MIDA in the launch of their collection by transforming their physical works into digital NFT copies and taking care of their sale.