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Art Passepartout

MIDA, collaborating with the major art events (fairs, exhibitions, vernissage, etc.), offers its holders a free participation in these, guaranteeing them an easy entry into the art world.


MIDA’s Portrait grants you access to cool-chic MIDA Community Parties in exclusive locations like Villas and Palaces around Europe. The parties will also host artists exhibitions and art installations.


An art-culture themed quiz app organized in monthly seasons. At the end of the month winners share the prize pool in $MIDA. For NFT holders, the participation is free while those who want to participate and are not holders of a MIDA’s Portrait must pay an entry fee in $MIDA. A portion of the proceeds from the operation are redistributed to the holders of the collection in proportion to the rarity of the NFT they own.
MIDA builds or uses virtual buildings and organizes an Easter Egg hunt in which the clues are found in the NFT Masterpieces exhibited inside. To participate, users must pay an entry fee in $MIDA and whoever solves the series of tech-art puzzles wins the $MIDA prize pool. Revenues derived from the operation are shared among the Partner Museums, MIDA and the holders of the MIDA’s Portrait NFTs, who are remunerated in proportion to the rarity of the NFT they own, becoming "co-owners" of MIDA's Virtual Museums\Galleries System.

Secondary Utilities

Merchandising, whitelisting in upcoming NFT projects MIDA will enter into partnership with, drops virtual fashion NFTs in partnership with luxury brands.