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Token Utility

$MIDA is the utility token of the platform:
  • In order to take part into the emerging creators’ draft users must allocate $MIDA.
  • $MIDA can be used to purchase NFTs inside the Boutique Marketplace.
  • $MIDA staking provide the social token STENDHAL(SDH). It will be used to bid on creators’ posts on the social layer. SDH does not have any economic value.
  • Holders vote via DAO platform with $MIDA to:
    • Acquisition Priority, to decide the type of artworks they would like to be digitized and auctioned, so to drive future acquisitions.
    • Ecosystem Fund Allocation, token holders will be able to vote on decisions regarding the percentage of funds (Treasury) to be allocated on various categories, such as the organization of events, the production of merchandising, marketing, marketplace development.
    • Brand Decision, to decide framing of rules, partnerships, project selection, merchandising and more.
  • Great $MIDA holders are rewarded with airdrops of exclusive NFT artworks of emerging Creators. Additional winners are drawn by lottery among the remaining holders.
  • Users are split into tiers and get discounts on marketplace fees and additional SDH monthly depending on the volume of $MIDA consumed on the platform.
  • $MIDA is used to participate in the cultural gamificated experience organized by MIDA.
  • $MIDA is used to participate in the art-culture themed quiz app organized in monthly seasons.